Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Blog!

Today, I am launching my new blog, The Dessert Mom.  How did I come up with the name you ask?  I wanted to combine two of my favorite things, being a mom and baking, in one blog; so The Dessert Mom was born.  This blog will be filled with humorous stories about my life as a mom, entrepreneur, writer and baker, and it will be sprinkled with recipes for some of the tastiest treats I have found too.  Many of my fondest memories as a child were baking with my mother, aunt and grandmothers.  They always made the tastiest treats, and once I became a mom I knew I wanted my children to experience baking as well.  Baking with children is messy, it's sometimes not very sanitary and it can honestly turn into a disaster, but the fun memories are worth it all!  Now baking alone is therapy for the soul and it's very rewarding.  I love to let my creativity pour into my baking, now I'm not going to say my kids absolutely love my creative treats at times, but what do they know.  They eat candy off the ground.  Grab a cup of joe, sit back and relax and The Dessert Mom will 'try' to provide a few minutes of entertainment each week.  Thank you very much for stopping by!

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