Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Secret Life of a 4 year old Boy: Part II

As soon as I picked my little man up from his daycare/preschool that we just call 'school' the other day the first thing he said after he buckled himself into the car was, "So where do I have to got to school to become a cop?"  I told him the police academy.  He said, "Hmm, okay so now where do I buy a tazer?"  My eleven year old started laughing.  She had the same thought I did....were these normal questions a four year old asks?  At the age of four he already has his education figured out and he knows that the police station he works for will in fact line up the purchase of a tazer, gun, handcuffs and badge for him.  He really wants to be an undercover cop because then he doesn't have to wear a uniform.  He just wants to be able to wear plain t-shirts!

He made another grand discover when he decided to change his Hunter Dan doll's clothes.  He took all the hunting clothes off and said, "Why doesn't this doll have a wiener?"  Sometimes I forget he's four and I said, "Well because they don't make dolls anatomically correct."  Which of course I got a blank stare so my husband says, "They don't put wieners on dolls."

I did the same thing with my nine year old.  He got a check for his birthday and he needed to sign the back of it so we could cash it.  I just handed him the check and asked him to sign the back of it.  He did in fact sign the back of it right in the very middle under the line that says 'don't write below this line'.  I had to laugh because what made me think he knew where to sign a check was beyond me!  I guess what is worse treating children like adults or treating adults like children??  I know when I was a new mom I think I did things like accidentally cut up my husbands meat for him or taste his food to make sure it wasn't too hot!  Sometimes being a mom and having to wear lots of hats can get confusing.  I guess that is also what makes it fun!