Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grab Some Inspiration From Spanx!

In an era where many women are trying to carve a niche for themselves in the business world, Sara Blakely created Spanx.  She created the empire in 2000 with $5,000 in savings, and today the business is valued at $1 billion dollars.  Why did Sara create Spanx?  Because she didn't like the way her butt looked in white pants!  I'm being serious here, she cut the bottoms off of her control top pantyhose, and found that it worked great so the idea for Spanx was born.  She started the company out of her apartment, and with a lot of hard work in spreading the world Spanx has become a fashion phenomena.  Celebrities as well as women all over the world are wearing Spanx.  Sara has even created swimwear, active wear and Spanx for men!  This woman has been inspired to design comfortable clothes for everyone and really hopes Spanx will become a lifestyle brand.  At age 41, Sara Blakely is the world's youngest self-made female billionaire.  See her in the most recent issue of Forbes Magazine or read her story at

Do you know anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit?  These are people I am fascinated by, people I seek inspiration from and people I wish I knew more about.  Their stories are amazing.  I do live in the same town as the founder of Tastefully Simple and she has quite a story as well!  Jill Blashack Strahan created Tastefully Simple with a shoestring budget in a shed!  She packed her gourmet foods on a pool table back in 1995, and today she operates a Fortune 500 company that has become a $100 million-plus enterprise with thousands of consultants nationwide.

There are many women in the world today that are truly inspirational.  I know a lot of us sit around and think, why didn't I invent that or why didn't I start that company?

If you are eager to be the next Forbes billionaire then here are some things to think about when creating your invention or idea.

1.  Think about necessity.  What are some things you wish you had or things that your life would be better if only it existed?

2.  Are there things you think others could benefit from?  Maybe it's not something you could use but you see other people struggling and you wish there was an item to make their life easier.

I really think that if you dream it and believe it, then you can achieve it!  You can't succeed if you never try!

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