Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Vacation Begins

We are off to a great start this morning.  It is the first day of summer vacation and the kids are following their schedule I laid out for them for the summer.  We'll see how long this lasts but I've found that having certain scheduled activities keeps them out of trouble.  My 4 year old will go to his day care center, which he calls "school" two days a week because since I work from home I HAVE to get some work done this summer!  My 4 year old can be quite a handful as you may have read in my past blogs so he is best at school a few days a week.

We did have a long busy weekend as I'm sure most of you did.  The kids were pretty well behaved which was great.  Friday night my 4 year old actually sat and watched most of his sister's softball game, then Saturday night he danced at a wedding reception.  Sunday we went to two different parties.  The first party we attended had a very inviting mud puddle that we were sure our youngest would end up in before we left for the night and sure enough he drove a non-motorized go kart into it.  Nice!  Since I had used his extra outfit that I keep in the car just a few night earlier because he saw yet another inviting mud puddle a friend graciously offered a pair of her sons pants for us to borrow.

One of the parties was with my group of college friends and their spouses and kids.  There were six couples and 14 kids!  The kids had fun catching frogs and playing in the sand.  They blew bubbles and rode tricycles.  I'm more paranoid about other people's kids than my own.  One of my kids were climbing a tree and it was no big deal to me, yet I sat strategically placed on a playground deck because I was afraid some of the other kids would fall off the side of it.  A friend of mine asked, "Aren't you nervous that your kid is climbing that tree?"  I said "No but if that was your kid I'd be begging them to get down."  Is that strange??

Yesterday we played outside and enjoyed the sun even though the wind was outrageous.  Our patio umbrella is now stuck in a tree.  I told my husband that all we'd need to do is put a latter up to the tree and I'm sure we could grab it. He thought that was a silly idea and said that the umbrella will be in that tree for a while.  Now it's a nice beautiful day and I'm inside working away.  I'd better get my work done because I want to be outside this summer!  Summer always goes by way too fast!

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