Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bath time Blunders

Besides bedtime bath time can be another struggle in the life of a mom.  My 4 year old still loves baths but he does get the occasional shower when we are crunched for time and I throw him in with someone else.  Last night he took a bath and I let him play with his toys and soak for just a little bit before I shampooed and soaped him up to get him out.  I put him in the tub and went to the next room for something and I heard bubbles.  Since we don't have a whirlpool jet tub I realized he must be passing gas.  I asked him from the other room if he was okay and he said yes.  Not moments later did I hear the sink running.  I ran into the bathroom and there he was naked and washing his hands with soap and water.  I asked him what he was doing and his reply was, "My hands smell like poop."  Why do your hands smell like poop was my questions.  "Because I pooped in the tub."

Nice! First of all he's 4!!!  He hasn't pooped in the tub for years!  Second of all if you've ever had a child poop in the tub it's as if the poop smell permeates into the water and then permeates into their skin.  No matter how clean I tried to get him I swear he still smelled like poop!  I even scrubbed out the tub, got a clean washcloth and towel and soaped him up again.  Then I washed his hands yet again after he got out.  He could not have been sitting in that poopy water for more than a few seconds.  Anyway I smelled him this morning and he didn't smell so that was a good thing.

Typically we've had problems with just keeping the water in the tub.  My kids always liked to splash around and they'd get water everywhere!  The other thing that both my boys did when they were really young is they'd wait for me to get the bath water run then they'd pee in it.  Oh I'd get upset.  I learned real fast to make them pee before entering the tub.  I hate draining the water and having to run it again!  It's so nice now that my older two kids are on their own for showers.  I just have to remember to make sure my 4 year old gets bathed on a regular basis now!  In the winter when he's not hot, sweaty and dirty all the time it's easy to forget to give him a bath at least every other night.  Now that it's spring the kid could bathe several times a day!  The other day when I put him in the tub his legs were so covered in dirt that after he took off his socks he looked like he had tan lines but I knew better.  I swear sometimes dirt stains.  He just never looks clean!

"Bath time is successful when your kids get wetter than you do." Dee Ann Stewart, author

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