Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Thoughts about Commercials

Have you seen the commercial where they show a guy sitting in a minivan and he says to himself, 'this is a minivan?' and then he thinks, 'this almost makes you want to have kids' until he sees all of the kids running around?  I just think it's hilarious that they are trying to make that minivan appear so cool that even a single guy would want to buy it!  Now I have nothing against minivans, in fact I've owned two in my life and wouldn't mind a third.  It's just like trying to make a person think that a Baby Bjorn comfort carrier is so fashionable that you'd want to wear one even if you didn't have a baby to put in it!

Or what about the paper towel commercials that show a kid spilling milk all over the floor and the mom just smiles and grabs the paper towels and cleans up the mess.  Or the one where the dad and his son are horsing around with a bowl of salsa on the counter and they spill it and the mom walks in and smiles and grabs the paper towels.  I want to know what are those moms are on and where can I get some!!!  There is even one where the mom grabs the sprayer from sink and starts spraying her kid.  Yeah like that would happen at my house intentionally!  "Oh Billy you little turd, stand still while I spray you with water and soak my entire kitchen which I will then clean up with my brand new paper towels."

I love it that Spanx commercials show an one hundred pound woman wearing Spanx as they talk about how slimming they are.  Well they show them on women who DON'T need them.    I've tried something similar to them and since they smoosh everything together the extra skin and fat has to come out somewhere else and it was not attractive.

I love dramatizations on infomercials.  Only an infomercial can make mowing your lawn, chopping an onion, using a blanket or washing your feet look THAT difficult.  I love the one for Easy Feet.  They show a person in the shower holding a wash rag and trying to bend over to wash their feet.  Then they show how easy the East Feet is just by sliding your foot in and out of it as you squeeze an entire bottle of body wash on the Easy Feet.  It's a car wash for your feet.

Well I have been interrupted so many times today that a blog that normally takes me a few minutes to write and post has taken me about ten hours so I guess that's all for today.  Have a nice evening!

"Advertising is legalized lying."  H.G. Wells

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