Monday, June 6, 2011

The latest Craze... Cake Balls!

Before I begin my blog on cake balls I have to include a side note:  While driving in the car the other day my four year old announced that God lives in heaven and Satan lives in his sister's blood.  Nice!

Cake Balls and more at "from scratch, by niki"

My nine year old was upset when he found out that his sister and I would be making our own cake balls and not ordering them from my good friend's, Niki, baked goods business called 'from scratch, by niki'.  He said that it wasn't fair that Niki's kids got cake balls for free whenever they wanted.  I love to bake and try new things and for the most part my kids love my baking but I think they love Niki's baking more!  I told my son that we'd try to make our own cake balls but if they weren't good then I promised to buy some from Niki.  Well my cake balls tasted alright but they looked like deformed blobs!  If you love baked goods but don't have the time, patience or desire to bake or just want your baked items to not only taste great but look professional for a wedding, reunion, shower, graduation, family event, business meeting etc. I suggest you check out  These baked goods are so delicious!  How delicious are they you ask well they are so delicious that I was really upset with her when she threw away cake balls that had dropped on the floor.  I realize she runs a professional business and there are certain sanitary guidelines she must follow but I'm her best friend....I'd eat her baked goods off the floor because they are that good!

She not only makes cake balls, she bakes cookies, bars, cupcakes, desserts and snacks.  Her sweet & salty snack mix is one another friend of mine orders by the gallon to take on camping trips.  Niki has baked for years and for years everyone has gotten really excited around the holidays when she delivers her cookie and candy plates.  Now we are extremely excited that we can order her goods from her whenever we want!  So check out her website at I know you'll be impressed!

I love it when moms have a dream and they make that dream come true.  Failure is a scary thing in life but the only failure in life is the failure to try.  I failed at a few business ventures before I found my niche and I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way.  It only makes you more resilient.  I still remember a framed picture of Abraham Lincoln in a former employer's conference room that included a list of Abraham's failures before he was elected president.  It was amazing to think that this man never gave up and eventually became one of the greatest Presidents there ever was.  You'll never know your true potential if you don't ever try.

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