Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm bringing blogging back!

I'm back! I was on hiatus for the past few months due to a move.  My family moved from Iowa to Minnesota and moving a family and a business took a great deal of time and effort.  I really missed blogging but needed sleep more!  The kids have adjusted well to their new school which is a blessing!  I think I was more nervous than they were.  I moved a few times as a kid and that really helped me to know that kids are resilient and that they will be fine, and they were fine.  They've made friends already and are looking forward to field trips and lunch.  At their new school they get three different choices for their main course so that was pretty exiting for them.  Oh to be a kid again and have the biggest decision of the day be what to eat for lunch!

My four year old also loves his new preschool.  Unfortunately its only three short afternoons versus the four long afternoons he was used to.  One day he got up really excited for school and said, "Mom I go to school today right?"  and I said, "No you get to stay home with me" and he said, "Well that's a bummer!"  Also to be a kid again and to be that honest.  The most exciting thing for him though has been the fact that he's learned to ride his bike.  In fact the entire neighborhood knows he just learned to ride a bike because they often saw or heard him run into trees or the ditches.  Learning to brake was the last thing he learned.  He never got hurt but he'd lay there and say, "Help, somebody help me."   He's the third child so mostly we'd just look at him and think...he's okay, or we'd tell him to get up.  Funny how by the third kid we all act a little differently.

"Did you know your child is climbing up the side of the house?" and you reply, "Oh he'll be fine."  or "Um your kid just rode his bike into a tree." and you reply, "Oh he'll get back up. I'm sure the force knocked him out for only a second."  Or my favorite.  "Do you know were your kid is?"  and I reply, "Shoot, I haven't seen him around for awhile now.  I suppose I should probably go find him."  I'm teasing of course, sort of!

We should all be more like kids...they get knocked down and they always get right back up.  They take new challenges head on.  They meet new people and try new things and they enjoy the good things in life like PB & J and chocolate milk and eating ice cream in the sun as it melts down their hands, walking barefoot in the sand and collecting shells at the beach. 

Life is an adventure and to sort of quote Steve Martin from the movie The Big Year..."Most people spend their entire lives on the beaten path only to realize they didn't do all the things they wanted to in life."

On a side note the holidays are around the corner so if you live in the Panora/GC area and are looking for some sweet treats, from scratch by niki just added some beautiful Christmas platters to the website.  It all looks so tasty, I'm not positive but I may have even seen a Schweddy ball or two!  I'm teasing...she does make cake balls though (not in the platter) and I have yet to see one that's misshapen.  :)  Check out http://www.fromscratchbyniki.com/.

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