Monday, February 28, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Thing AGAIN

I was thinking about my last post and couldn't believe the one story I forgot to mention so I will write about it here today.  It may actually top the cherry cock story.

My son was turning nine last summer and wanted to have a few friends over for a sleep over.  So we planned a party, brought three boys home with us one evening after football camp and after showers, pizza, cake and ice cream they decided to watch a movie.  My son had the Transformer movie and that is what they all agreed to watch.  Now I knew the movie was PG-13 yet I had seen it several times and didn't recall anything real bad in it so I let them watch it.

There was one place in the movie that was probably inappropriate for nine year old boys to watch and of course all of them caught it.  In the movie a teenage boy refuses to open the door to his bedroom and let his parents in.  When his parents finally do get in his mother asks him if he was masturbating.  One of my son's friends asked, 'What does masturbating mean?"  Of course I froze.  I mean how do I answer that?  These aren't my kids and I'm the horrible parent that let them watch this movie.  As I thought about how to answer that question not one but two of the boys beat me to it.  They said it's when you sit criss cross applesauce with your hands in the air and say, "Ohm".

Whew, I thought, they think it means meditation!!  I dodged a bullet there unless of course any of them have parents or family members who do meditate.  Ha!  I did tell their parents just in case. :)

I realize I am the worst at explaining awkward things like that to my kids.  I want them to stay little and not learn about that sort of stuff but it is inevitable and I better start being straight forward with them, just not when they have friends over!

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